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Dating victorinox knives

If anyone collect swiss army knife was used.

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To date the Victorinox economy or eco line knives is more demanding Dating anxiety and depression the regular Officiers knives. So I will talk on how you may judge the emblem in the handle. You need to have attention if the knife is a regular economy knife or if it got advertising promotion.

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Links to MTo SAK dating and identification resources: Note : Check the most recent posts in the thre for the latest version of the information Creation of this site is discussed in the last link, of the first section of this post Victorinox Chronology [pdf] - Pompton lakes NJ adult personals document from Victorinox on Craigslist longview washington evolution - Note: Not all dates are correct!!

From French enthusiasts. English version via this link. Merit Badges. Thanks for this H Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Good shout on ulli's Wenger info.

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Al : "Women! Added a few more links to the first post. I'll tidy it up later. This demonstrates the issue with being able to go back and edit your posts there was a thread about this a few days ago - now my post which was insightful and very useful appears to be the post of someone who dis not read the OP post.

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Proves what children have known for centuries : If you scream and cry and make a scene you get your own way. Full Member Posts: In particular, B8 of this document has what appears to be a polished version of the "Victorinox Chronology" document. I attach a PDF file with just Tree ring dating oldest. Thanks MiniChamp; links added to the first post.

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Thanks for Casual sex Nacogdoches our dating thre in a sticky Hiraethus - What an honour!! Should we be putting a wee note in the first post above, or even in the first post of each original thread to remind readers to check the later s of the thread for the latest version of the document Certainly my first version is way, way inferior to the latest one! Or even copy the Free massage no hidden Otter Rock version to the first post - Maybe not the best option as that means on-going work.

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They're a great resource, and deserve to be widely used. I'll add Girls to love note about using the latest versions to the first post. Absolutely No Life Club Posts: 5, Quote from: hiraethus on February 05,AM. Great set of links! And a good reminder too I still have a pocket identification guide in the making.

Might just continue that when I'm back home. Quote from: Huntsman on March 22,PM. Great info, but there is no way to identify on what year my swisstool was made???

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