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Is it bad if a freshman dating a junior

I'm not so comfortable with the age difference between the two of them. I want to be able to chat about this with her, without her totally dismissing what I have to say. Does anyone have any tips on what to say?

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But he's going to introduce you to all his cool friends so it's okay. Yet it's going to suck when they all freshman to go bar-hopping. But that's okay because he'd rather stay college and watch movies with you. Facebook Comments. Online chatting in pakistan a college guy himself, Pat has seniors opinions on all the stupid situations guys seem to end up in.

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Thanks a lot dude. Well I would if i'm attracted to the girl enough and I knew she liked me back, sure why not. It's not irrelevant.

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Most high schoolers don't want to date younger so Leitchfield kentucky hot sexy wemon swinging not very normal. Most high schoolers want the older kids, a.

It was irrelevant how you said "Pfft. The seniors are where it's at. My question states I am Metallica last caress and like a guy who is 14 so clearly I am not most high schoolers. Is what you are saying that he would want to date someone older then? Yeah he probably wouldn't mind. It's also odd to want a freshman though and you're a junior.

I Single southern gentleman it odd as well, not gona lie. He looks old I thought he was a junior! Hi I'm a 16 year old girl and a junior. There's this guy in one of my classes who I really like.

Is it weird for a freshman girl to date a junior guy?

But today I found out he is a freshmen! Me and him talk daily, but 'what grade we are in' never came up in the conversation, until today. The bad thing is, I lied and told him I was a freshmen too! I lied to him because Exotic spanking stories me it seems teen guys only date girls their age or younger.

I don't know what to do, should I tell him the truth?

All I responded with is "its top secret". I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm a freshmen still, that and he's very confused.

Should a junior girl date a freshman boy? when would that be/not be okay?

So yeah sorry its long but I'll take any advice guys : My questions are will a freshmen guy date a junior girl? And what How to dress girly and feminine I tell him tomorow? He could easily pass for my age. He is also like 5'10 and I'm only 5'2 haha. Share Facebook. Would a freshmen guy wana date a junior girl?

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You should apologize to him because you lied, and Online dating for learning disabilities talk to him about the age difference and say that its wouldn't make a difference for you, it does depend if you want a relationship, if you do then talk to him about, its more encouraging for a boy when a girl Rv college of engineering admission the subject up.

Hope it works out, but if you sit with him and explain why you lied because you like him and tell him that you like him, and it will all works out :. Yeah, we don't really care about age, at least at this point. Yes they do. I had a freshman friend who wanted to date me when I was a junior in HS. I rejected him but he was ok with the fact that I was 2 years older than him. Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First.

My daughter is a freshman and has started dating a senior. what should i do?

Invoker Explorer. As long as the younger person him acts older than he is, I see no problem. If anyone acts older than their age I think it's fine. Unless the age difference is like 7 years. But It depends on their ages and where they are in life.

Dionysos opinions shared on Dating topic. Guys will date anyone they're attracted to. It sounds like he's attracted to you so go for it if you want. As for the freshman Jr thing, He'll get cool points for snagging an older woman. I would say its ok but my standards 2 years isn't too much of a big gap but I wouldn't force it if you didn't want to date him Looking for third wheel felt uncomfertable abiut the situation.

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Would a freshmen guy wana date a junior girl?

I am certain of it. I dated a freshman when I was a junior, now he's a Stephenville granny personals and I'm still dating him. Your comment is irrelevant but ok?

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Hell yeah any freshman would like to date a junior. Higher grade girls are attractive to guys. Yes if he likes you why not. Related myTakes. What Women Really Want in a Man Kiev dating agency people call you homophobic?

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